I had the privilege of flying Emirates return to Europe, mostly in Economy and one awesome upgrade to Business class! Top marks for Emirates, 5 stars!

MEL  –  KUL  –  DXB  –  FRA  –  WAW  –  DXB  –  MEL
B777                        B777                   A330         A380

With a range of different aircraft, I got to experience many different types of the same thing. Whilst the product was mostly the same, there were key differences in each aircraft.

The Emirates A380 was the most comfortable out of all.

MEL – KUL – DXB on EK409

Departing from Melbourne at 02:30 AM on Christmas Night is an interesting one. The airport is empty albeit for this one flight, and carols at the airport have an eerie feel when it is so empty! The flight was of course, full, however I got an aisle seat for the long 27hour journey. Emirates flies their older B777 on this route, which baffles me considering it’s always full, and also a rather long journey, with 8 hours to Kuala Lumpur, and a further 7 hours onto Dubai. There are all the mod cons, USB inputs to charge phones etc, but the screen isn’t quite as new as on other aircraft. The entertainment was great, lots of options, and the food was absolutely delicious!!! For plane food, THAT’S A BIG DEAL!!! Emirates had this incredible spicy capsicum salsa with crackers, that was simply to die for. If i had been greedy, I would have asked for another, however I hedged by bets I would get another on the following leg (totally did, and it was just as good the second time round). I was really fortunate to be able to sleep most of the flight (5.5 hours!), perhaps because we took off so late in the night, that my body was completely exhausted. Arriving into KL, we had a quick turnaround of 1 hour, which was enough time to go to the toilet on the ground, and line up again for boarding for leg 2. It seemed to go pretty quickly, as yet again, I somehow managed to sleep, and woke up somewhere over India.

Emirates at Dubai Airport

DXB – FRA on EK47

I had 2 hours to connect in Dubai, which went very quickly. Luckily, my aircraft landed in the same terminal, so transferring was a breeze. This flight, Dubai to Frankfurt was on a newer B777, featuring a newer TV screen, and slightly comfier seats. For a flight of 6hours, I was slightly frustrated given I had just spent 15 hours in a less comfier aircraft. The flight wasn’t as full, and I managed to move to 2 empty seats after takeoff, which somehow meant I slept for a further 5 hours. The meals as always were very tasty, and the crew extremely attentive. Emirates handy stickers for meals are a god send, placing the ‘Wake me up for meals’ sticker on my headrest. The flight landed perfectly on time in Frankfurt.

WAW – DXB on EK180

As a solo female traveler, one can sometimes score some perks. I was finally rewarded for my years in economy, and was given a free business class upgrade. How I got it? I have no idea. Was it because I was a solo traveler? Was it because the flight wasn’t full? Was it because I had an Australian passport? Was it because I could speak Polish? I don’t know, but today, the Emirati gods looked upon me, and served me the mighty of all gems. I was smiling ear to ear. Departing at 13:00, and a flight time of 5.5hours, my business class seat awaited. As I was flying in an older aircraft, the Business class had an older fitout, with recliner seats and medium sized TV screens. In comparison, the B777 economy had the same TV size as Business on the A330. Amidst all the comfort I was in, a nice thick blanket, plenty of alcohol, good food, and most importantly, LEG ROOM, I stupidly fell asleep again, causing for a serious case of jetlag in Dubai.

 Emirates A330 Business Class

Emirates A330 Business Class

Emirates A330 Meal

DXB – MEL on EK406

This was my first Emirates A380 flight, with my only previously A380 experience with Qantas, I had high hopes. This time, I received my economy ticket, and was still in marvels on board. The aircraft was incredibly spacious, ample leg room, with material backings to the chair infront (rather important for us tall legged people), and most importantly for a 14hour day flight, the biggest TV screen I had seen to date in economy.  Unlike my previous flight history, I was unable to fall asleep at all, arriving into Melbourne at 6am on zero sleep. Safe to say I napped, but the flight was incredibly comfortable. Lots of snacks and drinks, prompt crew, good and ample quantity food. I was a happy girl.

Emirates is a fabulous airline. To date, they are the best flight experience I have encountered. Dubai is an incredibly convenient transit and stopover destination, with the flights to Europe very manageable to connect to. Emirates will definitely continue to be one of my highly regarded airlines, and is the one to beat.

Emirates A380 at DXB

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