Bavaria has to be one of the most magical places in the world, and I cannot believe that so much beauty and history lives in just one state of Germany. Bavaria in winter has so many things to do and is easily my favourite part of Germany. Here’s why:


Iconically known for its Christkindles markt, the Nuremberg christmas market is something every foodie and beer drinker should experience at least once. Featuring an unbelievable amount of fresh food, pretzels, traditional sausages, dampfnudel, and an ample amount of gluhwein (mulled wine) in a range of flavours, this christmas market has everything to offer. Not only is the market centrally located in town, but is so big, it has an additional drinking area located by the river.


Nuremberg also has a wonderful side of history, with a small but cute castle and a historic beer tunnel system Historische Felsengaenge. Buried underneath the city is a labyrinth of tunnels and tales where ice blocks where harvested during the winter to keep the tunnels cool later on. An unexpected visit! Nuremberg is also home to Tanners Lane, which is filled with bars and restaurants all housed in iconic half timbered houses. Beautiful!

 Nuremberg Tunnels

Nuremberg Castle View


Opting for a different something to do in Munich? How about visiting Therme Erding, Munich’s answer to an all year round waterpark! Situated near the airport, the facility has multiple pools (all of which were quite warm), and an exterior pool with snow surroundings, or in my case, -6 degrees a snowing! Therme Erding has a really fun Galaxy waterpark area, with approximately 10 waterslides, all ranging in size, height and length. It caters for absolutely everyone.

For dinner, a visit to the original Hofbräuhaus is highly recommend. It is HUGE, loud, and filled with atmosphere! Order yourself a stein of beer and a plate of pork knuckle, and the rest of your night spells itself out!

Munich Therme Erding

Munich's Therme Erding

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