Finding a restaurant that serves awesome food in Bali can be hard. With SO much choice on offer, you can miss out on some really great spots if you don’t know. So I’ve put together a list of my favourite 8 restaurants in Bali, and rather affectionalty calling this Sroka’s Bali good food guide! With plenty of amazing options ranging from casual beach cafes to fine dining, you’ll be sure to leave at least one of these saying “I have a food baby”.


Motel Mexicola

After epic Mexican? Look no further than Motel Mexicola. We opted for the “Feed Me” option, and took 1 Pescador Seafood feast and 1 Carne-Cola Meat Feast. Very, very, very good decision. Book a table here in advance – it gets BUSY!


(Ceviche Acapulc)

sroka-explores-motel-mexicola-costillas-de-cerdo(Costillas de Cerdo)

La Lucciola

You won’t find this gem from the street as it’s hidden behind a carpark, directly facing the beach. Because of this, it has the best view in Seminyak, especially for sunset whilst eating dinner, so come early – 5:30pm! The menu is Italian cuisine with a minimal asian flare.


(Grilled yellow fin tuna)


(Potato, green beans, pinenuts, smoked chilli & basil)


(Seafood entree)

Merah Putih

“I have a food baby” were the words that left my mouth whilst sitting in the beautiful Merah Putih restaurant. We loved Merah Putih so much that we went twice during our stay. I would rate this the best dinner I had in Bali. This is fine dining, but at an awesome price. When your food comes with foam, and it’s intentional, you know it’s fancy. The chef, an Australian, makes Indonesian food so exquisite, I was licking the plates clean (although it’s a classy place, so quickly and while no one was looking 😛 ). A mix of traditional and modern takes on Indonesian dishes were unbelievable. Bookings are necessary, and totally worth the price!


(Mud crab langoustine pangsit)


(Duck popia)


(Slow roasted Balinese pork)

sroka-explores-merah-putih-Coklat Caramel

(Cokalt caramel)


Saigon Street

This little Vietnamese restaurant opened in 2015 and has been making delicious food from day 1. Very lively atmosphere and great food, cocktails are a must!


(Banh Xeo, a sizzling pancake with pork, prawn, bean sprouts eaten with a lettuce and herb wrap)


The W: Fire

One word. Chocolate! If you love chocolate, stop reading and get in a cab. This dessert is EPIC. Plated will be a beautifully elegant chocolate sphere, and once served with hot chocolate sauce, the sphere melts and reveals the most delicious of insides: White chocolate mousse, passion fruit jelly, lemon popping candy almond streusel. For 125,000rp, I think it’s underpriced. Go. Eat. Enjoy. Although this is from the Fire restaurant within the W resort, you can order it from any of the restaurants within the W. I enjoyed from the Woobar under the stars!


(Pod 64% Chocolate Melting Sphere))




Paradise Dynasty

If you’re looking for fantastic Chinese cuisine, Paradise Dynasty is the place to go. With unbelievably delicious Xiao Long Bao dumplings (the soupy dumplings!) available in a range of flavours, this meal will not disappoint! Located inside the Beachwalk shopping mall.


(Xiao Long Bao dumplings; Original, Cheesy, Garlic, Szechuan, Foie Gras, Crab Roe, Ginseng and Black Truffle)




Seafood Cafes

The seafood cafes in Jimbaran are a huge drawcard to the area – they are very unique! The seafood are all grilled on coconut husks, and cooked in a traditional Balinese method and sauces. Be prepared to eat with your hands. The smokiness and flavours are beautifully matched. It’s also quite cheap, so if seafood and sand between your toes works for you, head here. The most popular is the Menega Cafe, however it fills up fast, and to be honest, not all it’s hyped up to be. I ate both at the Menega Cafe and at the Pandan Sari Cafe, and I found Pandan Sari Cafe much better!


(Balinese Crab)


(Balinese Prawns)


(Balinese Rice)



Do the words Heston Blumenthal mean something to you? Cuca is a restaurant inspired by this exact style of food; gastronomical. The food is taken to a whole new level, and if you like food in ways you’ve never eaten it before, head here. Set amongst a peaceful lake near the beach in Jimbaran, the atmosphere is very private and relaxed. The menu is designed to be shared, and suggests 3 dishes per person. We ordered 10 dishes, which was perfect. Dessert ended the meal on a highlight, with the Bali breakfast; a whipped cocount cream and mango middle that bursts just like a egg yolk. In total, we paid 1,450,000 rp ($150 AUD) for 3 people, including cocktails – which were also fabulous. Considering this incredibly high standard of food quality and culinary masterpieces that we gleefully consumed, this was a bargain. A must eat destination!


(Chicken Fiary Floss Amuse Bouche)




(Watermelon salad)


(Smoked Butterfish)


(Rice crusted soft shell crab)


(Smoked shaved bacon)


(Marinated pulled pork)


(Bali breakfast)


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