I stayed at the Anantara Seminyak in Bali for 3 nights in a pool access room.


The pool access enters onto the courtyard pool, which 2 other rooms have access to, as well as a separate door entry for anyone from the hotel. A nice treat! The room also boasts a large outdoor bath on the balcony, which came complete with bath salts etc. Don’t expect much privacy, but it was a nice way to soothe away the day.

The room itself is quite large with a lounge area, huge bathroom with separate ceiling shower and dressing area. The room had a very modern feel, however I found it hard to charge my devices, having to unplug the phone by the bed (not to worry as there was a second phone on the desk 2m away) as there was no other plug nearby. I would think it would be standard for 5 star to have a spare, international combination plug if they are feeling fancy, by the bed, not one only at the desk. I had this at many other resorts in Bali and was disappointed, especially when housekeeping took out my charger from the bedside, and plugged the phone back in. To add to annoyance (although I do understand for aesthetic purposes) they wrapped up my charging cables tightly, which does cause them to break faster.




One annoyance was the 2 in room water bottles. I’m big on my water, and these were in glass bottles that were sealed, so you had to use the bottle opener to open it. Imagine opening that at 3am when you’re thirsty and have to turn on the light, to then stumble around the room for the bottle opener first, and then open it. The bottles were also quite small, so additional water was really necessary. I would have much rather preferred plastic bottles.


The room design was also a bit unpractical. Let me explain. To open the balcony door you have to stand where the curtains are collected for the width of the room (sheer and blockout) and where the end of the desk is, giving you a very tight space to work with. To further this, the door is really heavy, so you have to really work to open it wide, which you have to do because if you only open it enough to get through, you won’t get out as there is a sun lounger immediately in front of the door. Housekeeping even struggled to lock the door properly after visits.


Also, if you like little hotel shampoos etc, prepare to be disappointed. They use large re-fillable ceramic bottles here (which when shampoo drips down the side become slippery!), which weren’t always refilled. If you’re going to do something like this, make sure housekeeping are 100% refilling those bottles every time!



The pool is a decent size, enough to cater for all the guests staying there. However, if you end up with a bunch of noisy kids, sorry, there is no escape. When you enter the pool area, an attendant will make up your sunlounger and give you a basket. The basket contains the poolside menu for drinks and food, as well as 2 small plastic bottles of chilled water (yay!) and a fruit, either balinese passionfruit or salak (a sweet and crunchy fruit!).




Anantara Seminyak breakfast at Moonlite on the rooftop was simply incredible – the best I’ve had in Bali. A La Carte and buffet on the rooftop; Anantara Benedict, French toast with apple crumble and compote, and crepes with strawberries and passionfruit. ALL AMAZING!!!! They also had fresh juices daily, and not just ‘juices’, REAL FRESH JUICE! Beetroot, ginger, kale, and all kinds of wonderful things! And to top it off, you’re not restricted to just one A La Carte, you can order as much off the menu as you like, and have free reign of the small buffet they offer as well. Simply DELICIOUS!





The service was top notch by the breakfast, pool and reception staff, they were all unbelievably attentive. For the amount Anantara charges a night, I feel as if the small touches should be top notch, and in my instance they weren’t. Probably not worth the price tag overall. If it wasn’t SO expensive, then it would be a must stay.


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