Hi! My name is Susan and this is my travel blog.

I’m an Aussie 9-5er (in the digital realm) and travel blogger living in Sydney, Australia (originally from Melbourne) and travel is my kind of thing. I travel following two travel styles, luxury and adventure! Why do I love luxury travel? All those nitty gritty details are taken care of. Stunning locations and breathtaking views. Beds that are so comfortable, you could really contemplate staying in bed all day. The lavish breakfasts that leave you so full you’re almost rolling out the door. And most of all, the absolutely incredible swimming pools that scream swim in me.

How do luxury and adventure travel go together? Sometimes they do, but more often than not they don’t. Adventure travel embraces simplicity, unleashing the real experience and destination. To me, the experience is often more important than where I will sleep. Adventure travel gets me off the beaten path, and see places that many dream of. So often people tell me they’d love to do that too, but they don’t! It’s not as difficult as one would think. The reward for the extra travel effort has changed my life in many ways I never thought possible.


So you might be thinking, if her name is Susan, why is the website called Sroka Explores? Growing up, my mum affectionately nicknamed me Sroka; little birdy in Polish (I have Polish roots). This tiny little nickname spiralled into a deeper meaning than I ever thought possible. You see, birds like shiny things and like to leave the nest. There’s just something about airplanes (shiny things) and heading out the front door (leaving the nest) that makes me smile. It’s amazing to think that my mum had it all figured when I was just 3 years old. Nowadays when someone calls me Sroka, my heart instantly warms, and is something very special to me.

So in 2015, I created srokaexplores.com. My inspiration had been brewing over years. In 2013 I spent several months in South East Asia, but never mustered up the courage to blog about it. Finally, I decided to follow a deeper passion and share my love for travel stories and advice with all.

Since starting this blog, I cannot imagine not writing about my travels. I get a huge kick out of hearing from fellow travellers who take my advice, it really warms my heart to know i’ve helped someone ūüôā

Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints,

kill nothing but time, keep nothing but memories

Sroka Explores - Travel Blog - Uluwatu Temple


I like to travel like a local, embracing foreign languages. My number one tip is to always, always, always learn the basics; hello, thank you and toilet. Trust me, you’ll have a far easier time getting around knowing these.

When it comes to climates, I’m happy anywhere. I’ve grown up with a huge mixture of climates. Hot Australian summers, insane 95% Singaporean humidity, and chilling -22 degree European winters. Hot or cold doesn’t phase me.

Before I go for any trip, I do a lot of research about the weather in my destination. Monsoon season is my least favourite time as your travel plans often go out the window when it decides to pour down with rain for 4 days straight. Or worse, you get stuck in the airport with a cancelled flight. Spring is my favourite time to travel as temperatures are warm¬†and crowds aren’t quite as thick.

Arriving into a new city for the first time is always exciting. I always get a map from hotel reception, get them to mark where I am and go exploring. Exploring a new city can sometimes get you lost, but just think about the entertaining memories from it. The sights, sounds and smells really add to the feel of the city.

I am a strong believer that the experiences I have encountered abroad have shaped who I am today. Every single trip uncovers something new that makes venturing off an incredibly rewarding experience. I wish more people traveled so that they too could learn what I have about myself. Being taken out your comfort zone is challenging, but the result can often surprise you and those you love.

I’m always researching where to go next. So when it comes to places¬†I’ve traveled to, the¬†57th floor of the infinity pool at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore comes to mind…. OR bungee jumping off the Kawarau River bridge at the worlds very first bungee jumping bridge in Queenstown, New Zealand. Cruising down the Nile river in Egypt and¬†shredding snow like¬†nothing else¬†on my skis in¬†SkiWelt; Austria’s biggest interconnected ski park. I’ve even climbed step by step up to the Great Wall of China… twice! I love connecting with a foreign culture through food! Always keen for a new culinary adventure and tasting the local delights. Check out my map below, and happy reading!


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